Our mission and values

The Vegan Student Associations of the Netherlands and their umbrella association, VSA Netherlands, want to end animal exploitation and secure the future of the planet through veganism.

To this end, the individual VSAs want to build and maintain supportive communities of vegan(-minded) students, to bring veganism to the attention of students as an effective means of helping animals and the planet, and to create a facilitating environment with the purpose of making veganism easier, more enjoyable and more affordable.

VSA Netherlands was created to serve the individual Vegan Student Associations of the Netherlands, to help them be more effective as individual associations, to facilitate them in reaching their shared mission. We do so by facilitating our members, organizing national events, increasing the influence of our members, and helping new associations.

In all of our work, we take the following values into account:

  • Animal Ethics
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusivity
  • Independence
  • Legality
  • Non-Violence
  • Reliable Sources
  • Responsible Alcohol and Drug Use

Learn more by reading the full Shared Mission & Value Statement.