Our board

Our current board for the 2021-2022 academic year consists of the following four people:


Zeynep Kunduracılar

As president, Zeynep’s tasks include:

  • Chairing over board meetings;
  • Chairing over the General Assembly;
  • Making sure the board runs smoothly;
  • Being the spokesperson for the association;
  • Running the Discord-channel.


Luc Roefs

As vice-president, Luc’s tasks include:

  • Arranging discounts and free samples;
  • Being the contact person for partner organizations and (inter)national businesses;
  • Fundraising and helping VSAs get their funding;
  • Running LinkedIn;
  • Taking over from the President in their absence.



As treasurer, Sieben’s tasks include:

  • Handling association finances;
  • Preparing budgets;
  • Preparing financial reports;
  • Running Instagram and Facebook;
  • Promotion through but not limited to ad-campaigns.


Paul van Gent

As secretary, Paul’s tasks include:

  • Preparing the agenda for board meetings;
  • Writing the minutes of board meetings;
  • Writing the minutes of General Assemblies;
  • Checking the board email and sending general information to individual VSAs via email;
  • Keeping the website up-to-date.

Previous boards

First Board (2020-2021)

The founding board for the academic year 2020-2021 consisted of the following people:

  • Alicja Jelenska as President
  • Luc Roefs as Vice-President
  • Polly Drábová as Secretary
  • Paul van Gent as Treasurer